Outstanding Contribution to the Community



This communitarians profound generosity and impact on the city of Leicester are to be remembered as the triumphs of a man who lived to serve his community.

He was known to enmesh himself in community development programmes and ventures and, as a result, touched the lives of many. Among his countless extraordinary achievements, this individual helped connect cultural divides and made an astonishing contribution to the community of Leicester. He won the hearts and minds of Leicester by demonstrating that a community can work together for a common good giving no mind to economic backgrounds, religions or origins. He knew he could change the community for the better and his legacy will continue with the public’s support for the charities.

He used his platform to rebuild something that the community of Leicester could unite around. At a time when the Football club was riddled with debt and looked to be a directionless business, he used his time and influence to transform Leicester City Football Club into a sporting brand to be reckoned with, leading the Club to a remarkable Premier League title victory in 2016.

Notable charitable deeds include a £1 million donation to the nearby Royal Leicester Infirmary. Also whilst celebrating his 60th birthday he gave away 60 free season tickets to dedicated fans and hosted a party for young hospital patients. He was also involved in the funding and donation of life saving equipment and scanners to the children’s intensive care unit of the infirmary.

Our winner championed Leicester; never losing faith in the Football club and devoted his creativity and time to the city. Tonight we honour this gentleman with the award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community.


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